Well, for a first article this will be no fuuuun at all because i’ll write following the facts that  happen in my life and right now, well, it’s the dead. 


Are we so afraid of the death ? And Why ? 


My cousin’s father just passed way, i prayed for him because praying is so good. 

He made the choice not to fight for his life, he made the choice letting go. I start to think maybe this man was afraid of the death, and he just took the decision to be swallowed by it. He was afraid of all the machines you can find in an hospital room, and all the medical terms. So, he thought maybe it was easier this way. Just go. 

This is an individual choice, no one can decide for you when the time comes. After all, it’s your life. But, a part of me started to wonder if he thought of his grand children ? and his children ?.

What if your family is not enough ? What if Love is not enough. 

Does Love can fight the Death ? Or are they just eternal enemies … 


I mean, Death is such a mystery for all of us, no one came back and said « oh well buddies, it is sooo great up there you should come baby sometimes ! » 

Death just makes us sad, and bad, and ill, fed up, zombies. 

And the part i don’t understand it’s in certain religion the death is such a great thing because you go to your God, and life is just a test for your FUTURE life in the Sky. So, when someone dies, it’s great too no ? this is the fact that the person succeeded in his life and has the right to go up There. Sooooo…


In several countries, death is a celebration like in Mexico. You dance and you sing and you put flowers everywhere. Death is beauty in Mexico. Are Mexican people not afraid of the death ?  I start to believe in this.


Are afraid of the death because of the Last Judgment ? Because, it won’t be so fun! I mean, if you did some shit own your life, during your ALL life, just sins, you’ve got the right to be afraid ! God is all ! 


Death is part of life, what a paradoxe ! 


What if the fact of passing the doors of death alone is the real fear ? you can have billions people around you, you die alone. No one come with you and hold your hand through the road. You are completely alone in front of this shinny color ! 


So, i think we don’t fear the death, we fear the loneliness. We fear the absence of Love. We fear the Silence.